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Rose and Lucas

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A coverup for Autism?
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Dedicated to detoxification as a basis of good health and healing.


Read about the groundbreaking recovery of Lucas from severe Autism; details, video, labs, protocol are all being documented and posted HERE.

Activated Liquid Zeolite may well be the most important health support product you will ever use. Activated liquid zeolite hit the market in 2005, and has since shown to be the most effective chelator and remover of chemical toxins we have available today. Zeolite is very safe for all ages, and is an easy to take liquid. We need only 2 - 10 drops, taken 3 times a day with plenty of water, and may be put on any food.

The next logical question is, why do I want to take it? Well, if you are already familiar with the toxic world we live in, the answer is very easy to understand. If you are new to hearing about your toxic world, please read the links provided to learn about how our world is poisoning us at a faster rate today than our bodies can cope with. Activated liquid zeolite removes heavy metals and a variety of other toxins from the body. If you are reasonably healthy already, the best doctor is not necessarily your medical doctor, but may be Liquid Zeolite and your organic fruit and vegetable market. In many cases, all you need is a good diet and some effective detoxification to feel the best you ever have. If you do have health issues, then the same applies, but you might want to work with the aid of a qualified healthcare practitioner who is well versed in the science of toxicology. This is important since those with health issues may need some tests to make sure their organs are working properly, and to take supplements to help with the detoxification process. A good doctor understands this and can supervise the process. Your body is meant to heal itself when the heavy chains of the toxic modern world are lifted from it. Here is a good way to start:

Step 1

Click About Liquid Zeolite, also located on the navigation bar, to learn what activated liquid zeolite is all about.

Step 2

Click on the links on the left side of this page to learn more about what people are saying about our toxic world and how best to deal with it. There are some excellent links available on the resources page available on the top navigation bar. Come back often as this site is updated on a regular basis. I We highly recommend you review some of the recovery profile information as well.

Step 3

Order some activated liquid zeolite and use it in combination with a smart diet and a health care practitioner's advise.

Step 4

Become a distributor if you feel strongly about how much this product benefited your family and friends, so you can help spread the word around the world about this amazing product. Click on your country flag and learn how to become a distributor in your area.

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